Straight Stair Chair Lift

There are several different types of stair chair lifts. Obviously before you are able to buy one you need to learn what those types are and which one you will need. The most common and the most affordable models on the market are the straight stair chair lifts. These lifts are designed specifically for homes that have simple, straight staircases.

If the staircase inside of your home goes up and down and does not bend or curve in anyway than it is straight. These models are affordable because they do not have to be custom made like the curved stair chair lift. You have the ability to purchase used models that have been refurbished my manufacturers.

New Straight Lifts

Some of us feel more comfortable purchasing a unit that is brand new. That way we know for sure that it will last a long time before any repairs need to be made. When buying a brand new model you need to have the staircase measured. Measure out the width and the height. This information will be used to order the lift that fits it perfectly.

Used Straight Lifts

If you are trying to save money or do not thing that it will need to be in use for a long period of time than you should try to buy a used model. These are best purchased from a manufacturer that has refurbished it and repaired any problems it might have had. They will still need the necessary measurements to give you one that will fit into your home.


It is important to look through the various features that you will want or need to use with your lift. The seat belt will come standard and will not cost you anymore money to have. Other features like sensors, manual brakes, and remote controls will cost you extra.