Stair Chair Lift Safety Features

When trying to get your hands on a stair chair lift you need to be able to know the right type that you will need to get. However, it does not stop there. It is also necessary to understand all of the safety features that you should invest in or that will naturally be built into a specific model. These features are essential to keeping the user safe from injury during use. The majority of stair chair lifts that are built will have seven standard features.


The sensors that are built into the chair will know when someone or something is blocking its path on the stair lift. It will slowly stop the lift until the object has been moved and it is safe to continue.

The pressure sensitive safety sensors will keep the lift from running into anything that is in the stairway or next to the lift. These sensors are built into the footrest and at both ends of the carriage (the seat).

Limit Sensors

These are used to make sure that the lift is completely stopped in the proper direction. That way no one is going to be falling out of the chair when trying to get out of it.

On/Off Switch

With an on/off switch you will be able to keep the young children from trying to play with it. Abusing the lift and using it as a toy could damage the unit and cause harm to the children who do not know the right way to use it.

DC Operation

Most, not all, units will come with a 24 volt DC operation. This will allow it to continue to run and work as usual without the electricity running to it. It comes in handy when the power has been turned off and prevent people from getting an electric shock.

Dual Braking Systems

A dual braking system is something that is able to stop both electrically and manually. This is a safety feature to have in case the electric brakes break down and it is unable to stop itself.

Smooth Operation

It is never fun to ride around in something that does not know how to start or stop in a smooth manner. With a smooth operation you will not have to worry about this. The chair will not jerk you around and cause aches in pain over your body.