Outdoor Stair Chair Lifts

The most common stair chair lifts are the straight and curved models that are installed on the inside of the home. These are used to provide people who are handicapped or who have a difficult time walking, up and down the stairs in their home. These are so helpful that people will often purchase them for the outside of their home also.

It is not uncommon for people to purchase outdoor stair chair lifts to use on the steps for their back porch or for the steps leading up to their apartment. These are designed to by fully weather proofed so that the rain and wind do not damage the parts and cause it to rust and stop working.

When you go shopping for the outdoor lifts you will find that they look just like anything else. It is hard to notice the parts that are weather proofed because they are designed to blend in and look as normal as possible. There are other features that help to make it a great unit to invest in.

Most people would assume that the seat would be hard and rather uncomfortable to travel in. This is not true. The seat is still padded and even has a padded backrest. In order to keep the rain and snow from damaging it you simply have to put on the waterproof cover that goes over the entire unit.

The paddle switches that move the unit are situated on the armrest to make it easy for you to operate it. It also comes with a built in seat belt for added protection and safety. The arms, seat, and footrest are able to fold away so that others might access the stairs.

Like with other lifts, this is built with the necessary safety sensors to stop the machine when someone is blocking its way. You should expect to pay between $2,000 to $4,000 for each of these units.