Heavy Duty Stair Chair Lifts

The type of stair chair lift that you buy is going to be dependent upon a few things. First, you have to look for something that is going to work in the home that you have and the types of stairs that are inside of that home. Second, you have to find something that is going to be strong enough to carry you up and down that stairwell.

For people who are heavier than the average person you will need to invest in a heavy duty stair chair lift. These are designed with the maximum strength and durability of any other model that is on the market. Most are designed to hold up to 500 pounds of weight – but that is not the only thing that they have.

In order to accommodate that much weight the chair is designed with a contoured seat that helps to make it more comfortable of people who are larger. The armrests and footsteps are placed on the chair so as to provide more comfort during the smooth ride.

The swivel seat is designed in such a way as to provide people with the safety and assurance that they need when getting in and out of the chair. It will turn 180 degrees so that they are clear from the landing and do not risk falling down when stepping off or on it. After you are situated it will lock into place so as not to move around when traveling on the track.

Consumers who have invested in these units have been pleased with how easy it was to have this particular unit installed and how simple the operation is. They felt that the seat could be slightly more comfortable – but it was able to carry them without stopping or becoming a bumpy ride. Expect to pay between $1,300 to $4,000 for this model.