Curved Stair Chair Lift

The curved stair chair lift is not a very common model for people to choose from and is usually only used in larger homes. These are custom made to fit staircases that bend and curve in one or more directions. Because they have to be custom fitted they often cost a great deal more money than any other type of lift you will buy.

When purchasing these models you will want to have a representative from a manufacturer come to your home to take pictures and measure every inch of the staircase. This will ensure that no mistakes have been made and any errors during the building process will be their own fault.

Unfortunately it is impossible to purchase these used. That is because most homes do not have identical staircases. This is especially true in the older homes that have been around for several years. You have no option – but to purchase them brand new from the company of your choice.

Comparing Features

It is for this reason that we suggest you look very carefully for the make and model that you wish to use. While you are not able to determine how it will look it is up to you the amount of money you are willing to spend. The best way to determine this is to compare the features that each model will come with.

If you live alone than you will want more features to assist you in and out of the lift. Think about spending money on sensors that will stop the lift is something is in its path and a long lasting battery pack that will allow it to work even if the power goes out.