Bruno Stair Chair Lifts

Bruno is a global manufacturer of stair chair lifts and other mobility products. They understand just how difficult it can be when you have trouble trying to access your home – the one place that you should feel most comfortable. They have designed various models that will give you the freedom that you deserve at a price that you can afford.

The company was founded in 1984 and started off by producing various types of vehicle lifts for the disabled. It did not take long for them to build a large customer base around the world and they soon saw the potential that could be hard in designing and building their own line of stair chair lifts.

They use a design and engineering team to come up with models that are innovative and easy for anyone to be able to use. You do not have to be tech savvy in order to understand how to operate one of their Bruno stair lifts. They will listen to the feedback of their customers and add in any features that they think can help to improve the safety and usage of the models.

What They Offer

Bruno sells straight rail, custom curved rail, and outdoor stair chair lifts. Now you will be able to install them into your home, apartment, or even business. The outdoor lifts are built with heavy duty, weather proof parts that can withstand the rain, snow, and wind. Even their indoor lifts are built to be quiet so that it does not bother anyone else in the home.

Along with ease of use and safety features, Bruno wants to make sure that the lift you choose is going to blend into your home as much as possible. That is why they try to install it in a way that it looks seamless with the floors and has a style of elegance about it.

The most popular model that they offer to customer is the straight rail Electra-Ride LT. This particular model runs on two 12 volt batteries that are always plugged into the nearest outlet – but will keep the lift working during a power outage. The arms, footrest, and seat will flip upwards so that it is never in the way of people walking up and down the stairs. The track is completely covered to keep it clean and to prevent it from standing out among the elegant stairwell.