AC Vs. DC Stair Chair Lifts

When you are purchasing a stair chair lift for your home it is important to find something that is going to be useful to you and that will be easy enough for you to use. There are many different models and features that you should look for. One thing that people are struggling to decide is whether or not they should use one that runs on AC or DC power. There are main differences between the two that you must take into consideration.

AC Power

The AC powered stair lifts are electronically powered and pull that power from the home directly. This means that if the power should ever go out you will not be able to use the lift. If you are upstairs than you will be stranded if no one is there to help you. This means you need to question how reliable the power in your home is and if this is a big problem for you.

Another thing that you need to consider is how much these cost. The benefit from the AC lift is that they do not require a great deal of maintenance. All you need to do is make sure that they are well serviced and kept clean so that dust does not damage the parts inside.

DC Power

The DC lifts are plugged directly into the home – but it runs off the power of the batteries held inside of the machine. You have to keep it plugged in so that it will constantly stay charged. That way if the power should go out you will still be able to use the lift for a few more hours and access every level of your home.

The downside to using these types of stair chair lifts is the amount of money you might have to spend over the years. Batteries will eventually lose their power after continued use. Usually you will have to replace it between twelve to eighteen month of usage. These can cost around $100.